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What Dating Rules Women Should Not Break

Dating may be something that is common to everyone. However, you should not take dating that lightly because it is something that everyone is not so lucky about. If you struggle at all with dating perhaps its best to consult a website like Unless you are the luckiest man or woman alive, you will someday find yourself across the table with someone who you can add into the “worst date” category. On the one hand, you should not be scared to go out and meet people. To help you get through the dating process, here are some unspoken dating rules that you should abide:

  1. Never share a bed with someone on your first date. Try to refrain from ravishing and devouring someone no matter how hot and yummy he is, especially on your first date night. You should not let him feel like you are shallow. You should not also let him feel like you are weak and cheap. If you take the risk of sleeping with your date on your first night out, you are making yourself look small in front of his eyes. You are devaluing yourself. Make yourself worthy of his attention by not giving in to your sexual urges.
  1. Never be the first to call after your first date out. If a man is interested enough, he will find ways to call. If your man did not call you within a week after your first date out, you should refrain from calling him. Calling him first would raise an alarm in his side. He will think that you are too desperate or forward.
  1. Don’t be a foul mouth. If cursing has become a habit to you, try not to do it in front of your date. Men do not find cursing women attractive. In fact, it is a huge turn off for them. Don’t ruin your chance of making yourself known to someone you find really attractive.
  1. Don’t talk about the concept of marriage on your first date. This topic is something that should not be discussed on your first date. Never bring up the topic unless your date asks about your standing about it. Bringing up the topic gives your date an idea that you are out hunting for a husband. There is a proper time and place for this topic to be discussed somewhere down the road.
  1. Keep your focus on your date not on other men in the same room. It is not so respectful to wander your attention off to other men rather than the one who is sitting right in front of you. Give your date the attention that he deserves. Try to put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself what you would feel if he does the same to you.
  1. Don’t talk about your exes. As much as women do not want to talk about the past relationships of men, men are the same when it comes to discussing your exes. Thus, you should remember not to bring it up on the table, unless he asks about it. In addition, you should never compare your date to your exes. It is disrespectful to do so.
  1. Don’t ask your date about how much he earns in a month or a year. You have to remember that you are on your first date. Discussing your date’s financial status is not a good first date topic. He will think that you are a gold digger or that you are only after his money. Never give your date the impression that you are sizing your dates by how deep their pockets are.
  1. Keep your skeletons in your closet. You should not let your darkest secret out on the table, at least, not on your first date. Telling your date that you were once an addict or an alcoholic or a prostitute is a big no-no. Again, there is a time and place to discuss your past. Don’t let him know your dark secrets for the time being because this will stop him from getting to know the person that you are now.
  1. Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not. This advice is commonly given to men who are out on a first date, but this is also applicable to women. You should not try to be funny when you can’t properly throw a joke. Don’t expect that your date will laugh at your mistakenly thrown punch line. Just try to be real. Being real will also keep the nerves away.
  1. Don’t ask for the most expensive dish. Doing so will raise an alarm bell, as well. Your date will think that you are a potential gold digger. And again, you don’t want to be labeled as such.
  1. Don’t let him think that you have a bigger appetite than him. Even when you are famished, try not to order for the super sized meal. You should know that men do not find women with a big appetite appealing.

Women, you should remember these things when you are out on a date with someone that you really are attracted to. Remember to be in touch with your feminine side. In addition, remember not to bring up topics that are taboo on a first date.